Mommy Motivation – S1:E7

Jenna Noelle is annoyed that she’s had to agree to babysit her boyfriend’s son, Jay Romero. She wants Jay to finish up his homework and leave her alone so she can get off in her boyfriend’s house. Unfortunately for Jenna, Jay is intent on ignoring her. When Jenna insists that Jay do his homework, Jay tells her that he just doesn’t have any motivation. He claims that looking at Jenna’s tits is the only way he’ll be able to get the questions correct. Jenna agrees to show her boobs to Jay if he’ll finish the whole worksheet.Since Jenna’s breasts serve as a good motivator for Jay, she decides to take it even further. Jenna tells Jay that if he gets one more question right he’ll be able to lick her pussy. Jay makes sure to answer the next question correctly, and true to her word Jenna lays back, hikes up her miniskirt, and tugs her underwear aside so Jay can dive face first into that juicy twat. Although Jenna is enjoying her pussy fingering enormously, she tells Jay he has to finish his homework. Unfortunately, Jay’s boner is now getting in the way of his concentration. Jenna finally agrees to suck him off if he’ll just finish the worksheet. It’s no hardship for this horny hottie to deep throat Jay’s fuck stick as she blows him.When Jay doesn’t cum in her mouth, Jenna takes things to a whole new level by peeling off her clothes and climbing aboard to ride his hardon. She goes for it in cowgirl and then turns around to keep on riding Jay’s dick as he squeezes her big ass. Since her stiffie ride already has her on her knees, it’s simple for Jenna to stay where she is as Jay changes them up into doggy. Jenna finally finds herself on her back with Jay buried between her thighs as he brings her to one last orgasm. Her moans are enough to finally get Jay to cum as he pops his load all over Jenna’s muff. Now that he’s satisfied, Jay finally agrees to finish his homework.